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The American Legion Auxiliary of Annapolis Post 7 was formed on Jan 2, 1940.

The A. L. Auxiliary meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month in the Monica Singer Hall 

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Duties of the Unit President
Able & qualified leader to represent the AUX in the community. Should be familiar with duties of officers & committee chairmen & encourage & inspire them in their work. Unit President should preside at all meetings of the Unit & the Unit Executive Committee; require strict adherence to the Constitution & Bylaws, & rules & regulations established by the Natl & Dept Convention, Natl & Dept Executive Committee (EC) & the Unit itself; appoint members of standing committees & create such other committees as are necessary; appoint all non-elected officers, & perform all duties which are assigned to her/him office.
Duties of the Unit Vice President (VP) —1st VICE & 2nd VICE
The VP is given the responsibility, with the President, for complete development of the Unit program. 
The VP should be prepared to preside at meetings in the absence of the President.
Duties of the Unit Secretary
Be efficient & well informed on all phases of Unit, Dept & Natl activities & requirements & be capable of giving authentic information on organization matters. Makes Record of all business transacted at each meeting & of the Executive Board (EB) & presents the minutes for approval at the next meeting. Units are responsible for retaining their own records. 
Duties of the Unit Treasurer
Ensure proper accounting practices & internal controls are maintained. Responsible for handling all Unit funds, including collection of dues from members and donations to special funds. Responsible for providing a monthly financial statement to the Unit, Finance Committee & others as required.
Duties of the Unit Historian
Charged with the responsibility of recording activities and accomplishments of her/his Unit during terms of office. Writing of a Uit or Dept history is very important. 
Through the years the ecorded experiences of those who served before us have guided the footsteps of those who followed.
Duties of the Unit Chaplain
Will express, by word and action, our founding principle of service to God and Country. 
She/he will encourage the Unit to celebrate diversity amongst its members and their faiths.
Responnsible for pronouncing the Invocation and the Benediction at AUX meetings.
Send appropriate cards (Sympathy, Get Well, Thinking of You, Thank You) to Unit members/families.
The Chaplain should stay in close contact with the President and other officers of the Unit and should attend all meetings of the Unit and the Executive Committee.
Duties of the Sergeant-At-Arms
Responsible for keeping order at Unit meetings, for advancement and retirement of the Unit colors and their proper care, and for such other duties as mau be assigned to her/him by the Unit President.

Auxiliary President's Corner 

President - Beth Pena

 2023 - 2024 Officers

Officers were voted in at our June meeting and they were installed into their new positions in July:

President: Beth Pena; 1st Vice: Barbara Rollman; 2nd Vice: Ann Johnson;

Treasurer: Betty Barilla; Secretary: Nancy McDonough; Chaplin: Linda Foley, and Sergeant-at-Arms: Jan Brown.

Historian: Joan Windland – if you love to take pictures and would like to join us, please let me know.


Our Department of Maryland Convention is in Ocean City this July. Sharon Guiabo and I look forward to attending and representing our Unit. The Auxiliary sponsored Maeve Swick to attend Girls State this year and are looking forward to Maeve’s visit later this year to tell us about her experience. Each summer approximately 16,000 young women participate and learn about the democratic process and how our government works at state and national levels. We were pleased to host the Junior Auxiliary Bears Backyard Barbecue with proceeds benefitting “The Seven Stars Foundation” which helps send military kids to camp. As we move into the summer, we will be working on plans for the 3rd annual wine tasting. More details to follow.


Come join us! New members are always welcome!


Question on eligibilty:


Q: I am related to someone who served on active duty during one of the membership eligibilty dates. Can I join the Auxiliary of The American Legion?

A: If your relative who served on active duty during one of the membership eligibility dates and is a member of The American Legion, you may join the American Legion Auxiliary of The American Legion.

However, if the qualifying veteran is deceased you may join the appropriate organization, even if the qualifying veteran was not a member of The American Legion when living.

Contact your local American Legion Auxiliary Unit, complete the application and proudly join the AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY.

Click on for http://www.legion.org for online details.

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