Guy C. Parlett Post 7 Department of Maryland

The authority to impose House Rules originates in the The American Legion Department of Maryland By-Laws (2011) 

ARTICLE XIII which state in Article XII section 7 ( Page 34):

Section 7. In order to maintain order and decorum within the Post facilities, nothing contained herein shall prohibit a Post, with or without a hearing, from suspending a member from the use of the Post facilities for a period not to exceed 90 days, provided however, that the member shall have the right to a hearing before the Post Executive Committee or the Post Membership if the member requests same in writing within ten (10) days after being advised of said suspension and said hearing shall be held within ten (10) days after the Post is so notified.


American Legion Post 7 House Rules

Enacted by Post Membership on Feb. 6, 2024


The American Legion Post 7 supports and enforces the laws of the State of Maryland,

Anne Arundel County, and all applicable Liquor Control Rules and Regulations. No

House Rule overrides these laws. The purpose of these House Rules is to provide our

members and their guests the rules that govern their conduct while in the Post or on

Post property.




Patron   –   Any authorized visitor to Post 7 (i.e., Legionnaires, Auxiliary members, Sons

                  of the American Legion, that are in good standing, and their guests).


Person-in-Charge (“PIC”) – The person responsible for making the day-to-day decisions

                                             concerning the operation of Post Facilities. When on duty, it

                                             is the Operations Manager and when the Operations Manager

                                             is not on duty, the primary bartender.


Post Facility – Includes the lounge, kitchen, rental hall, parking lot, and outside recreation




Admission to the Post Facility

The privilege of using the Post Facility is for Post 7 Members, Auxiliary Members, Sons

of the American Legion (“S.A.L.”) that are in good standing.

a. All patrons are required to observe these standards of conduct.

b. Members must present current membership card or receipt that indicates payment of

    current years dues upon request of the management.

c. Members are responsible for their guest’s conduct. Guests must depart when the

    member departs. Guests must sign the guest book. Anyone allowing entry through

    the door-buzzer system takes responsibility for validating the person’s access.

d. No children under 16 are allowed in the lounge after 9:00 PM. Before 9:00PM, they

    must be under adult supervision. No one under 21 shall sit at the bar at any time.

e. The PIC must grant access to be on the roof, in the shed or trailer, or to enter the

     retention pond area.


Hours of Operation

The Operations Manager, with consultation with the Executive Committee, will set the

Bar and Kitchen Hours of Operation. The Operations Manager will ensure the hours

are posted at the main entrance to the lounge. The Operations Manager or PIC may

terminate hours of operations for weather or safety issues.



Dress Code

Patrons shall dress appropriately for a public place. Clothing shall not be offensive, shall

cover the body appropriately, and be clean and neat. Shoes and shirts must be worn.



Consumption of Food and Beverages

NO alcoholic beverages will be brought on or taken off Post Property. Food and beverages

acquired elsewhere will not be allowed for consumption on Post Property. Patrons must be

21 to consume alcohol and must provide ID upon request. Only the on-duty bartender and

kitchen staff are permitted behind the bar or in the kitchen area during hours of operation.

NO alcoholic beverages will be consumed behind the bar or in the kitchen area. Employees

will not consume alcoholic beverages while on duty, including breaktime.



Personal Conduct

The PIC has full authority to enforce these House Rules. Patrons must abide by the PIC’s

decision regarding violations of these rules. They may order anyone to leave the Post

Facility who, in his/her judgment, has violated any of these rules or has engaged in any

conduct that is detrimental to the Post or another patron in the Post. The patron may

appeal this decision to the Executive Committee. Conduct detrimental to the Post or other

patrons includes (but is not limited to):

a. Verbal and physical altercations or confrontations.

b. Any personal attack in respect to sex, race, or religion.

c. Using loud, profane, vulgar, or abusive language.

d. Lewd, indecent, or sexual misconduct.

e. Carrying a lethal weapon of any type except by on duty law enforcement officers

    (even if the patron possesses a concealed carry permit). Carrying a small common

    folding pocketknife does not violate these rules if the knife is legal to carry in the

    State of Maryland.

f. Theft or destruction of Post property. Any patron who removes or damages property

   of Post 7 shall cause the Member to be liable for damage and be subject to

   disbarment from the Post.

g. Any illegal use of controlled substances while on Post property. Additionally, the

    Anne Arundel County cannabis law applies to American Legion Post 7: Any

    cannabis (and Hemp) smoking is prohibited in any public area or motor vehicle. A

    public area includes indoor and outdoor spaces open to the public (e.g., parks,

    sidewalks, and restaurants). Although Post 7 has an outdoor smoking area, no

    smoking or vaping of cannabis or hemp is permitted anywhere on Post Facility.

h. Intoxication - the bartender-on-duty shall stop serving any patron who is intoxicated.

i.  Tampering with locks, lights, and cameras or security system in any way.

j.  Disruption or interference with events being held on the premises.

    Patrons will not interfere with the duties of Post employees. No patron shall

    reprimand an employee of the Post outside of the Executive Committee Meeting.

    Any suggestions or criticism concerning the Post operation, or the conduct of its

    employees shall be in writing, dated, signed, and submitted to the Executive




Lounge Events

All forms of entertainment / amusement shall stop 30 minutes prior to closing time.

The PIC can set an earlier than posted closing time based on lounge occupancy.

During dinning hours, the PIC will ensure diners are able to enjoy their meals and

company by limiting noise levels (i.e., pool playing, music, darts, or shuffleboard).



Credit Card Processing

Credit cards will be accepted with a minimum of a $10 charge. Members and their

guests may run a tab. However, this privilege may be withheld during events that

are open to the public. Any patron that leaves without paying their tab will incur a

20% fee in addition to what they owe.


Handling of Medical Emergency and Incidents

The PIC will take charge of any medical emergency. They may defer to any patron

who is a medical professional (i.e., a doctor, physician assistant, nurse, or paramedic).

Any Post Officer who is present will assist by clearing the area and calling 911, if

necessary. Any patron who slips and falls on Post property should not be moved until

medical personnel arrive or thepatron gets up on their own and publicly refuses medical